The past year had its ups and downs. But we are choosing to focus on the “Ups”– and those moments for which we feel gratitude. We could all use a moment to reflect on the positive, so we turned to Crispy Green‘s fans to see what they were most thankful for. 

Reasons for gratitude in 2022 

  • Melissa: Family! Their love and support is immense and vast and more than ever this year, I’m filled with gratitude for them.  
  • Laura: I am so thankful that my son’s biopsy came back as non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He Is on Chemo therapy and radiation treatments, but at least it is treatable.  
  • Trisha: I’m thankful for the doctors and nurses that saved my husband’s life in May, and the ones who continue to treat him for chronic kidney disease now that he’s home from the hospital.  
  • Rajee: I’m so thankful for my health and my family. 
  • Lexi: I am thankful that my son – who has been stationed in Germany for the past 2 years – was able to come home for a visit. 
  • Abby: I am thankful we are finally getting settled in our new home and enjoying it together as a family.  
  • Annaliese: I’m thankful for my two boys- hubs and son- who really get me and love me endlessly. 
  • Tanya: Everything 

What are you most grateful for? Last year’s Things to be thankful for: family, health and jobs) shows that while the specifics change from year to year, the important things remain the same. And remember showing gratitude is more than good manners. From gratitude comes joy: Happy Holidays! 

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