Thanksgiving is almost here and to help get everyone in the spirit of the holiday, we launched a Facebook campaign asking our Crispy Green fans what they were thankful for this holiday season. God, family, friends, pets and health topped the list. Here are few of the numerous comments we received.  

1. Kelly is particularly thankful for an online friend that she finally got to meet in person recently. “She has helped me through a tough time in my life and she makes me laugh almost daily.”

2. Lucy is thankful for God’s many blessings—including “great family and co-workers.”

3. Sandy is thankful for her 2 “4-legged girls” that have helped her get through the loss of her oldest pet this year.

4. Tiffany writes, “I’m thankful for my little ones. They brighten up my life.”

5. Amber is thankful for her family, her job and boss that “has faith in me,” and also her home, which is under construction.

6. Jayedee’s husband passed away in January and writes that she’s especially thankful for her children who wouldn’t give up on her when she was overcome with the grief of losing her spouse.

7. Debbie is grateful for her husband’s health and all the family and friends who’ve come to support her.

8. Sue writes, “I am so grateful for this crazy crew I call my own!”

9. Nancy is grateful to live in a prosperous country that “allows me the freedom to make my own choices.”

10. Karen is thankful for “waking up each day and having another day in which to tell my kids how much I love and cherish them.”

11. Jen says, “Thankful for these cuties. My daughter and her cousins being able to be kids, growing up together!”

12. Dawn writes, “I’m thankful that after many years of waiting I finally found a great guy.”

13. Suzanne has chronic health issues and is truly grateful for her husband and how hard he works to care for her.

14. Jennifer is thankful that her oldest sons are able to come home on leave.

15. Lynn is thankful for her mother who is “90 years young and still a vibrant and active lady; God is good!”


So, whatever you’re counting your blessings for this Thanksgiving, reminder that we at Crispy Green and Smart LifeBites are thankful for you!

–Patty Yeager

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