Meet Blaine!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a Los Angeles Native. I’m Eurasian (½ Japanese ½ Caucasian) and I have two awesome sisters. I grew up getting picked up because I was a very small kid and with my last name being Strong, it wasn’t that ideal. I played basketball growing up and really thrived being apart of a team. Unfortunately or fortunately, I tore my ACL 3 times and had 3 knee surgeries. No more basketball, but that is when I fell in love with functional training, group fitness, and really anything that involves health, fitness, happiness and community.

How often do people ask you if your last name is really Strong?

At least once a week! Haha

And speaking of strong, how important is building strength part of your overall fitness routine? How heavy do you go with strength training?

Strength training is important for me because of my body type. Being an ectomorph (classified as someone who has light build with small joints and lean muscle), it is very difficult for me to gain muscle. However, I never go super heavy because my joints don’t love it. I do a mixture of strength and endurance – I love HIIT.

Favorite cardio, and why?

HIIT! Because I blast music, and love to do various exercises and mix it up!  I don’t love doing the same thing for too long so HIIT keeps me moving and changing it up constantly.

Least favorite cardio, and why?

Running because my knees scream at me.

At what age do you recall fitness becoming important to you and why? Did you have a role model?

I always played sports since I was 5, but I got serious about it more in high school because I wanted to gain muscle and be better at basketball. I was less serious in college, but after I graduated, I got even more serious. My inspiration at the time was my uncle. He was a bodybuilder. He got me into lifting and bought me my first weight set when I was in 8th grade.

Describe a typical day in terms of how you build a workout routine into it.

I typically start my mornings around 7 a.m. They have fluctuated from 5 a.m. -7:30 a.m., but I do love my sleep and know how important it is. I have my morning routine which consists of hot green tea, goals & gratitude journal, breathwork and sometimes some abs. I am either training private clients or doing lots of follow up on my phone with clients. I have calls, meetings, and group fitness classes I teach. I don’t have a set time I work out every day. I typically find time in the afternoon. I prefer to workout when I have a couple meals in me. I feel stronger. But to be honest, I don’t spend much more than an hour a day, 5 days a week, 2 days of rest. I work out less now and focus on nutrition. When I work out, I make it efficient and I GO HARD!

Are there any activities you’ve had to curtail because of injuries? If so, how do you compensate for that?

Basketball. I tried to play again recently and injured my shoulder. I compensate by doing other things that I love. You can always make fitness fun; I love the outdoors.

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without working out? And if it was a long period of time, how did you get back into shape?

I think the longest time was about 3 or 4 months from my ACL surgeries. Most of it I got back through clean eating. I didn’t rush back and started with body weight. You don’t have to be fancy.

Favorite workout music?

Hip hop, trap, dubstep! Anything with BASS!

Advice for people trying to start a new exercise regime.

Start small. The art of Kaizen – small improvements over time. Surround yourself with people that have like-minded goals. Set reminders daily to stretch, do 10 pushups, etc. If you have a more active lifestyle during the day, your fitness regimens will not have to be so intense.

What’s your record for holding a plank?

Good question. I think it was around 5 min, but I can definitely go for longer… Stay tuned! =P

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