You know what time it is? It’s pool party season! To get abs in shape, we all know how important it is to fuel our bodies properly. However, we can make our abs even stronger and more toned if we exercise them regularly. I try to work out my abs every day. They are the fastest recovering muscles. My advice would be to do some dynamic warm-ups prior to any exercises, including abs. Bird dogs and Supermans are a couple of my faves. Here are 5 ab exercises that are safe and simple to do and can be done anywhere without straining your lower back. Have fun!

Downdog toe taps 

Start in a high plank position. Make sure your shoulders are stacked over your wrists. Push back into down dog, one hand reaches for opposite toes. Shift weight back into high plank and the other hand reaches for the opposite toes. Repeat for 10 reps each side!

Oblique heel touches  

Start on your back with your feet flat on the ground in toward your glutes, knees pointed toward the ceiling. Bring your shoulder blades off the ground, and with your palms facing up, reach toward your right heel, engage the obliques and rotate to the left side. Repeat for 20 reps each side.


Start on your back, hands behind your head (don’t pull on your head or neck). One shoulder comes off the ground reaching with your elbow to the opposite knee. The other leg shoots straight out without touching the floor. Switch and pick up opposite shoulder blade to meet elbow to knee. Repeat for 20 reps each side.

Toe touches 

Start on your back and bring your legs up toward the ceiling with your feet flexed toward you. Reach up with both hands and touch your toes! Repeat for 20 reps.


Dead bug holds 

Start on your back, bring your legs up to 90 degrees with your shins being parallel to the ground. Arms come back behind the head and hover a couple inches off the ground. Make sure to keep your lower back pushed into the mat and hold. You can add a medicine ball on your legs for more resistance. Hold for 30 seconds.

Whenever trying any of these ab workouts it’s worth repeating to take extra care to protect your spine and neck muscles. So for instance, when you do an isometric core exercise such as a plank, keep your spine straight. When doing crunches, it’s possible to hyperextend your back and injury your vertebrae. Also, while doing ab workouts, slow and controlled movements are much safer, easier for controlled breathing and effective at working your ab muscles than fast and jerky ones. So take your time and give these a try!


–Blaine Strong, is a fit lifestyle entrepreneur, with a passion to help people reach their fitness goals. He’s a fitness coach, model and influencer.

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