FREE Downloadable & Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

If you’re looking for free, punny, and lovable Valentine’s Day cards to share with your loved ones this holiday season – we’ve got you covered! Smart Lifebites’ parent Crispy Green is offering these printable “Valentine’s Day” cards. In one holiday card, Crispy Fruit mascot Chris B. Green is playing cupid aiming to shoot his arrow with the help of his sidekick Chirp. This card opens to the greeting: “If you were a Fruit, You’d be a Fine-Apple.”

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In another holiday card, Chris B. Green is sharing the love with his pal Chirp. This card opens to the greeting: “You are my Apple-Y Ever After!”

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So, whether you have a significant other or simply just want to share the love with your close loved ones, these cards are easy to print and mail.

What’s YOUR Love Flavor Quiz

Curious to know your fruit flavor AND which love flavor pairs well with you? Take the What’s Your Love Flavor Quiz and have fun finding out which fruit flavor matches your innermost self. And by the way, if you’ve taken Crispy Green’s recent What’s Your Flavor Quiz, here’s a whole new spin. Upon completion, you’ll receive your fruit flavor analysis including the expanded love flavor breakdown. Plus, use promo code VDAY14 for 14% OFF your next Crispy Fruit purchase!

Have a healthy and lovely Valentine’s Day from all of us at Smart Lifebites!

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