You can’t escape a health food store these days without noticing the proliferating varieties of Kombucha squeezed in the beverage case. What is this newfangled beverage and why should I care?

Kombucha is a healthy drink that isn’t new at all–it’s been around since as early as 415 AD and is said to have originated in Japan. It consists of fermented tea and sugar, along with kombucha culture. Kombucha is like a carbonated tea that’s fizzy and refreshing. Kombucha has a wide variety of flavors, including pomegranate lemonade, pumpkin spice, blueberry ginger, strawberry basil, pear with almond extract, and even coffee! So, if you don’t love your first bottle, do not be afraid to try a different flavor. Personally, I had a great experience with the first bottle I bought, which was lemon ginger flavored. This is still my favorite flavor even after trying many others, such as mango passionfruit.

Physicians in Japan used this drink and took the name “Kombu” from a Korean physician and “cha” meaning tea. It has since grown globally and finally reached the western hemisphere where many new flavors have been introduced, such as pumpkin spice. Kombucha is famously known for its health benefits, as well as its diverse variety of flavors.  Kombucha has been said to help treat cancer patients, diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders. Kombucha also contains many antioxidants that can help kill harmful bacteria and may help fight several diseases.

Since its origin, several studies have examined the health benefits of kombucha. They include:

1. Preventing Cancer  

Kombucha is said to help prevent cancer risks and there is growing evidence to support this claim. A 2008 study showed that kombucha is successful in preventing growth of cancer cells.  

2. Healthier Gut

The fermentation process used in kombucha production makes it rich in probiotics. Probiotics are helpful, as they help to improve gut health.

3. Weight Loss

Certain types of kombucha are made of green tea which is a very healthy drink that some research says aids in weight loss.

4. Heart Disease

Certain types of cholesterol with high levels have been linked to heart disease risk. Studies have found that kombucha helps lowers levels of cholesterol that relate to heart disease.  

So, if you haven’t tried Kombucha yet, give it a try. It’s not only tasty, it’s also very healthy for you. And as you search through flavors you will continue to learn more about the great health benefits Kombucha provides.

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