With health top of mind this past year, many people are in the midst of life-changing weight loss journeys. This trend hit close to home when Sheri Feldman, Sales Manager of our parent company Crispy Green, decided last June to embark on a weight loss plan that’s evolving into a permanent healthy lifestyle. 

Sheri’s Health Journey

In March of 2016, I joined Crispy Green as Sales Manager. Since I was a young girl I always had a passion for food and cooking. My mom was an excellent cook and baker and it was always my desire to continue with family traditions, creating and sharing recipes. And so, I did. Who knew it would be the beginning of a progressing health crisis?

Diagnosed with Graves Disease 

My weight was a problem since I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease 30 years ago. Graves’ Disease is a thyroid disorder that affects your metabolism causing weight gain or weight loss, and a myriad of other symptoms. I struggled for years with weight gain. Psychologically, I knew I needed to make multiple changes in my lifestyle, but it was a real challenge. I tried many diets, and had limited success, always gaining the weight back and then some.

Sheri before she started on her weight-loss journey.

Pre-Diabetic, GERD, Sleep Apnea

Recently, at my heaviest weight, I was diagnosed as pre-Diabetic, suffered from GERD due to a poor diet, lack of exercise, sleep apnea, slightly elevated cholesterol and blood pressure. At 61 years old I was on a slippery slope leading to major health issues and I was always exhausted.  After several visits to my primary care physician and endocrinologist, I was told my A1C (the scale ranking which tells you your average level of blood sugar over the past 2 to 3 months) was 1 point away from becoming diabetic. This was my true wake up call. I needed to take control of my health before it took control of me. I was selling Crispy Green freeze-dried fruit products to my customers and sharing the wonderful “healthy” attributes with them, but never heeding my own sales pitch. It was time to walk my talk.

Referred her to healthy lifestyle program

Months earlier, I had seen my cousin’s Facebook posts sharing her weight loss journey. She looked wonderful. I finally made THE phone call. I told her she looked amazing and asked: “What’s in the secret sauce?” She raved about her new healthy lifestyle and the program she followed. I revealed my current health issues, and my journey began. My cousin became my health coach of this prominent healthy lifestyle program. This program offers different options based on individual needs. Depending on your personal level of activity, age, pre-existing health conditions, the program offers specialized diets and food tailored to fit individual needs. I learned that this plan was not just another diet, it was a lifestyle. I was ready to start living a healthy life and still be able to cook and eat incredible meals.! And, so I did–I was ALL in. 

Shared journey on Facebook 

In June  I started sharing my personal journey publicly on Facebook. My daily posts shared my enthusiasm, and at times it was raw. My own sister and friends could not believe I got so deep and personal. But this was it, I had to help others the way my cousin helped me.! I found my savior in this program.  Six months in, I lost a total of 61 pounds and 42 inches. This program taught me about portion control. It also taught me to eat smaller meals throughout the day, which are low glycemic and with a balance of protein, vegetables and healthy fats. All of this keeps my blood sugar levels even throughout the day. There are very few restrictions regarding food and the company provides all the necessary tools to follow.

Three months into her weight loss program.

Better Sleep, Fewer Cravings 

 During the early stages of my transformation, it was advised to limit exercise to stay within the recommended daily caloric intake. To assist in the weight loss portion of the program, it is also recommended to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day. By following this model, I began noticing many changes other than weight loss. My entire body began this incredible transformation, which led to many non-scale victories. I no longer felt hungry, cravings for sweet and savory snacks were gone and my sleep improved drastically! I had focus and clarity with no more brain fog. So much changed, and I now have a positive mindset, increased energy, and best of all, my A1C went from 6.3 to 5.4 which is within the normal range. I was taken off cholesterol and acid reflux meds. It also looks promising that I can finally sleep without the dependence of a CPAP machine. I travel for business and prior to the pandemic, I had to lug annoying and embarrassing CPAP equipment through airports. Amazing the little things people take for granted! Now, I am able to climb a flight of stairs without being winded, cross my legs and bend over to tie my sneakers without my BIG belly getting in the way, and it feels terrific.

Became a Health Coach 

This program far exceeded my expectations. Every Monday morning I weigh and measure myself and keep a log of my progress. I speak to my cousin/coach weekly to keep me in check and celebrate my victories. I embraced this program immediately and was so passionate that I was asked to coach and build my own client team. An offer I found impossible to decline. In addition, I studied and passed my COPE certification exam to coach and help people find their way on this incredible program. In this new role, I dedicate myself to helping others reach their personal goals. Before and after work and on weekends I coach, all while I continue working full time for Crispy Green. I have never felt better about myself. Physically and emotionally, I continue to reap abundant rewards. I feel and look wonderful from the inside out.

By 4 months, Sheri felt renewed energy and self esteem.

Renewed Energy and Self Esteem 

I used to hide behind others in photos because I despised the way I looked in pictures. Now, I can’t wait to get out in front of that camera lens.! I’m happier and healthier and people tell me I shine. There is nothing better than success with the support and love from friends and family. 

This amazing healthy lifestyle community is composed of people like me and you. Whatever their goal is, we support and motivate each other throughout our individual journeys.  Not only do we help each other, but we are part of an amazing group of people that I now call my friends. There are weekly webinars that cover a wide variety of topics as well as coaching and nutritional support groups.

Navigating through the holiday season was relatively easy due to the pandemic, which is also a contributing factor to my success thus far.  My social life has been impacted greatly during this time, yet my friends and family are so supportive and happy about my progress. Before the pandemic, I was dining out at least twice a week and eating lots of prepared foods and take-out. My passion for cooking never waned. This program taught me that I can still cook delicious food without the health ramifications of my past. I thoroughly enjoy every meal I prepare and drop sizes by the day! Miraculous! Just Imagine, loving food the way I do and never worrying about eating the “wrong things.” 

A recent photo of Sheri closing in on her goal.

Almost Reaching Goal

I am so grateful to my cousin for sharing this incredible gift with me and literally saving my life. I am finally taking my health very seriously and hope to reach my goal of 75 pounds GONE by the end of January or the beginning of February. It would be an honor and privilege to share more about this healthy lifestyle program with anyone that my story resonates with and thinks they can’t do it. Oh, yes you can! We only get one chance in this life and I welcome anyone to GET HEALTHY WITH ME! Let’s RE Boot, Re New, Re Fuel together. 

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body…Lifelong Transformation ONE Healthy Habit at a time!

-Sheri Feldman 

Reach her at info@smartlifebites.com

Smart Lifebites does not endorse any specific diet plans. We believe healthy eating and exercise should be a way of life. 



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