Alright, let’s keep it real… If you slacked off this summer, as much as I would love to give you a motivational quote to try to fix things, temporarily, the first questions we must all begin with are: How do I get into shape? And more importantly, what does “in shape” look like for me? At the end of the day, you can look many places to get in shape, but what really matters is your decision of really embracing this lifestyle. Also, what’s done is done. So, instead of focusing on what we need to fix from the past, think about what needs to be done to create a better future.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are few tips a fitness gameplan:

The Setup

1. Clear the space

        a. What do you need to “clean up” in your life in order to create space for New?

                   – Clean up your living space, your car, your life – if you are looking for a book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is great!

2. Declare Goals

        a. Make a list of short-term (1-6 months) and long-term goals (1-5 years).

        b. Make a vision board with your goals and look at it every day! You can create one old school with magazines and all that jazz, or do it on your phone and make it your background.

        c. Optional: Post on social media – put yourself out there! (more accountability).

3. Morning Routine

        a. Wake up earlier! If you dedicated the first part of your day to working on yourself and getting your mind and body set up for success, you are more likely to keep these habits consistent in the rest of your day/week/life.

        b. What does your perfect morning look like?

                 – Green tea, gratitude/goals journal, 10 minutes of meditation/visualization, foam roll/stretch and ab workout while listening to audiobook or personal development video online. Write down an intention for your day and the things you would like to get done for the day. Make a win list and check them off as they get done. Wins breed more wins.

4. Take Action

        a. Make a video and/or write down your WHY!

        b. Find an accountability partner(s) or coach

               Having someone to check in with makes a huge difference. We all have bad days and need that extra push at times. Find people who have like-minded goals and get after it together.

        c. Enroll in a challenge, gym, something to help you with structure.

                Move your body every day. Even if it is a 15-minute walk, do something. Set reminders in your phone to move. Even if it’s at your workplace. Get up, take a lap, stretch on your breaks.

                Delegate things so you can keep your focus on your strengths. For me I have someone meal prep my meals for me every week. If you already have your meals prepped, you are less likely to eat out.  

5. Have Fun!

        a. This is a lifestyle. Enjoy yourself. If you eat out, have a drink, party with friends. That is okay, so don’t waste time beating yourself up over it. What’s done is done; just don’t make it a habit. Focus on today. Getting fit should never feel like a chore. It will be a process and progress will happen from taking it one step at a time. Keep moving forward. Even if you fail, get back up and try again. Once you feel amazing inside and out, you will never want to go back. So, make the small sacrifices now instead of having to live with regrets later. Health is wealth.


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Blaine Strong

Blaine is a fit lifestyle entrepreneur. Born and raised in Pasadena, CA, Blaine has been into health and fitness for the majority of his life. Blaine has a BA in Kinesiology from Cal State Northridge and has been personal training, teaching group classes, and healthy active lifestyle coaching for the past 5 years.


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