What is Orangetheory Fitness?

For some, orange is just a color or a fruit, but to others, it’s the color of their fitness flavor obsession. Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) studios seem to be popping up everywhere these days. The eye-catching logo, vibrant colors, and high-energy signature orange studios with treadmillers, rowers, bikes, and weights seem to be taking over the fitness franchise world. The science behind an OTF workout involves heart rate-monitored interval training strategically designed to keep your heart rate in the “orange zone” to elevate your heart rate, stimulate your metabolism, and increase energy and strength. According to Yahoo Finance, Orangetheory has nearly 800,000 members who work out at more than 1,100 locations across 49 states and 20 countries.

What Can You Expect?

We interviewed three members of #OTFnation from different areas of the country and here’s what they had to say about their new fitness obsession:

Q1. What do you like about Orangetheory? 

A1: Orange Theory is interval training and I hadn’t really incorporated that type of workout into my regular routine. Doing so helped me break a plateau and continue to lose more weight more quickly than I had been losing.

A2: What I like best about OTF is two-fold: 1) the support system that it provides for every member, and 2) the heart-monitor/tracking system actually allows you to *see* your progress.

A3. The variety of the workouts! They are different every day and combine cardio and strength/floor work. You also wear a heart rate monitor to help manage your efforts and your body’s responses to the different parts of the workout.



Q2. How is it different from other workout programs ie. working with a trainer vs. just taking classes at a gym? How is it unique? 

A1. It’s unique in that you are in a group, yet you get individual attention from a trainer and you can also strive toward your own personal goals all at the same time!

A2. I think that what makes OTF unique is what I describe above, as well as the community that it builds with all of its members – for example, the front desk staff and trainers knew and remembered my name from day two.

A3. I find the classes quite different but challenging every time. I also enjoy the family atmosphere and camaraderie with the coaches and members at the Colleyville studio. I find it convenient that there are studios around the city, state, nation and world to allow me to attend when not in town. I have taken classes in Chicago, Denver, Tampa!


Q3. Is there anything you don’t like about it? 

A1. There really isn’t anything I don’t like about it.

A2. There’s usually a waitlist and its hard to book classes in advance because they are always booked.

A3. We have had a bit of coach turnover. I don’t know if that is studio specific or the nature of the job, but I have found all coaches to be well trained and knowledgeable.


Q4. How does the cost of the program compare to similar ones? 

A1. I feel the cost is very reasonable with a variety of different kinds of memberships available to suit your needs.

A2. The cost is high, but if a member goes 3x a week, or more, the costs are offset a bit.

A3. My membership is a bit more expensive than my husband’s lifetime membership, but to me, it is worth it as I have been able to stay committed to my fitness for the last 4 years thanks to OTF.


Q5. Is the workout varied? And if so, how? 

A1. The workout is always varied. It has a different focus each time, which determines what kind of moves you’re doing, how many repetitions, and what kind of weight. They also have a large variety of equipment that they work into the routine.

A2. The workouts are varied. The stations (row machine, treadmill, and free weight room) all remain the same, but the activities vary from day-to-day, so that your muscles don’t become bored or accustomed.

A3. There are strength, endurance, and power workouts or a combination of the three. You spend at least half the workout on cardio (either treadmill or rower, and they do have at least one bike or rower for those not able to use the treadmill) and half on the floor with weights, bosu ball, TRX straps, bench, ab dolley. Every class varies the combination and duration of base/push/all-out paces for cardio as well as the floor exercises. They also mix in partner workouts, 90-minute classes, and various challenges to keep it fresh.


Q6. Are you hooked after the first class, or does it grow on you over time? 

A1. Definitely hooked after the first class!

A2. I was definitely hooked. Lol.

A3.  I loved the first class, but it did take some time to build up my endurance and work out the soreness. I started with 3 classes a week and now average 5/week.


Q7. What kind of fitness results can one expect? 

A1. It will boost your metabolism so that you can lose more weight and will also tone muscles and build up your cardio endurance.

A2. It depends. Your results also very much highly depend upon your eating habits and calorie intake, for example.

A3. The workout and results are what you make of them. If you attend regularly and “push” yourself, you can expect to see changes in your health and body.



Q8. Can you see this being suited well for any particular personality (laid-back, self-driven, competitive, etc..?) And why? 

A1. I think any personality can enjoy this workout, but it really entices the competitive personality.  As you see what everyone else is achieving on the screen during the workout compared to yourself, it can really drive and motivate you!

A2. I definitely see the full-spectrum when I observe others in the class. You have the competitive, the self-driven… but you also have the kind of people who need the coach – which are all exactly whom this program is tailored for – everyone!

A3. Probably. But again, you can’t get results, as with anything without not only attending but also pushing yourself.


Q9. Is there anything else you’d like to add about it? 

A1.  I LOVE that there are facilities in many different locations and you are free to use any of them! You don’t have to miss your workout because you are traveling. I have made use of locations in WI, IA, and FL. They are all basically the same so you feel right at home and all the employees and trainers have been great!

A2. Nope!

A3. N/A


Q10. Do you see it as being a fad or becoming a permanent part of the workout programs offered? 

A1. Definitely not a fad! I have been going for 3 years now and there are many who have been going longer than that!

A2. It could be a fad for some people who might expect quick results, but don’t get them. For others, however, it can be a great system to provide results for the goals that they set for themselves.

A3. For the last four years, I have seen it do nothing but improve and grow. I have also seen it become a fitness choice for couples and families.


Are you ready to find out if Orangetheory is your fitness flavor?

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