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Back on track it is! Literally and figuratively. It’s that point in the semester where you finally have a groove down and then spring break comes and messes you all up, but what can ya do! The groove is this: ample snacks- not too many, not too few for the long days of lab at school and knowing how and when to fit in my workouts. I’ve tried a new snack that I think ya might like too!

Here’s the schedule as of now:

Monday: Step class- 45 minutes intense cardio + 15 minutes of weights/toning at the Y  (this class brings me so much joy- I like to have routine and this gives me just that)

Tuesday: Walk/Run/Hike

Wednesday: Group Training 5:30 am pre lab- about 12 people to 1 trainer- sort of tabata or cross fit (ish) style at the Y!

Thursday: Anything I’m feeling- usually a walk/hike + some Tone It Up Yoga or a HIIT workout – home between classes

Friday: TRACK WORKOUT! Aka my newest and most fun addition on campus

Sat/Sun: Hikes! If I’m not leading my hiking class then Yoga with Eden at 10 am Saturday

I’ve given myself a lot of grace through these semesters at grad school. I’ve learned that sometimes getting out is what I need to de-stress even if it’s 2 laps around the track and some downward dogs or simply knowing that my time is better spent in the books rather than breaking a sweat. I have come to realize that honoring my body and mind has been such a growth point for me.

I spoke towards food freedom and creativity in my weight gain post and I’ve found that with a loose exercise schedule I’ve adopted the same view with food. Grabbing a bag of freeze dried fruit is not something I would have done prior to constancelyeating because old me would have thought “eh fresh is just so easy and familiar”. Now, however, I had so much fun testing these Crispy Fruit flavors and finding ways I could incorporate them into my diet.

Here are my favorite ways so far:

  1. Pre workout snack. Since these are just fruit (no other added ingredients!) they are a quick source of natural sugar to give you a little boost and they aren’t filled with water so you won’t feel weighed down.
  2. Trail mix! I swear I throw like 6 things together and call it freaking trail mix but since the pineapple Crispy Fruit is my favorite flavor I’ve tried so far how fun would a tropical trail mix be? Dried coconut + pineapple + dried cranberries + roasted almonds
  3. Smoothie bowl toppings- I loved the Crispy bananas on my post workout smoothie bowl and honestly the only time smoothie bowls sound appealing are after a morning workout for me! If banana’s not your favorite, they have six other flavors: Apple, Asian Pear, Cantaloupe, Mango, Tangerine and Pineapple.
  4. Also if you are someone who enjoys banana chips or apple chips and some are too sweet for you these guys might be your new best friend!
  5. Some other fun ways to get active and snack healthy can be found here!

When I’m at school the track workouts happen between 2.5 hours of sitting in MNT and 2.5 hours of Advanced nutrition so it is SO NEEDED. I’ll do sprint sets bringing me back to my track days- hey did you guys know I broke my high school’s record once for the 100m hurdles?! I’ll do a slow 1.5 mile jog + handstand and forearm stand practice. I’ll run the stairs and do tricep dips and boat crunches in-between sets. Or I simply just breathe in some fresh air. I’m usually the only one out there on Fridays with my friends or maybe the occasional 1-2 other humans. It’s wonderful.

I believe working out should be enjoyable. It shouldn’t be forced with a schedule with someone telling you what parts of your body you have to work (unless you really need some motivation). I think it’s a very personal thing. It doesn’t need to be expensive, you don’t have to look amazing doing it (do you see a rock hard 6 pack on me?! Yeah me neither…) and it can be anything you want it to be. Starting with 3 30 minute walks a week is what I suggest to my beginners in my class or for anyone who wants to start moving more. Maybe after a few weeks of those walks you can incorporate group fitness or a light track workout like me! It’s totally personal and totally up to you! My workout schedule changes with my stress levels, with my school changes etc. but it stays put usually for a whole semester and then flips again so I guess I’ll check in with you guys for the summer!

– By Connie Weissmuller,

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