Easter Craft: Creating Edible, Allergy-Free Flowers

Imagine being a parent and worrying about trying to gather everything together for Easter just in time. It’s hectic, it’s exhausting and it’s an annual parental stress ritual that ends in the satisfaction of watching your child have happy memories. Now take a moment to imagine yourself as that parent, but when you went to the store, there was little to nothing that your child could eat or touch. Picture class parties and community egg hunts that your child’s friends are taking part in but your child only gets to watch as it happens. With food allergies, simple memories may not be so easy to make. These festivities cannot be done spur of the moment or through a last minute mad dash to the store when they have items on sale. The most difficult memory may not be from the child at Easter but instead, from the parent who has to figure out how to answer their child when they ask “Will the Easter Bunny know that I have food allergies?”

Luckily, the Easter Bunny is very wise and knows how to keep children safe. This year, the Easter Bunny has shared some of these secrets right here so that even more of us can relax during the Easter holiday and continue to build safe memories together.

  • No Sharing Food allergies now affects one in 13 people. Having safe snacks for each child is an important safety factor and your child will remember that they did not have to share any of their goodies with anyone (bonus parenting points, thanks Easter Bunny!)
  • Healthy is Fun There are no rules on what types of food and treats have to be used to fill those baskets up. Include healthier options such as Crispy Green fruit snack packs for a safe, crunchy and easy-open treat. (fact check- Crispy Green has no added sugar like many typical candies)
  • Non-Food Items Dollar stores are the answer to affordable basket fillers that your child will actually be able to use versus a short-lived snack attack. (this includes gift cards to the stores which also double as an affordable way to keep your children occupied)
  • Package Protocol Beware of packages that contain a mixture of both safe and unsafe food items as there is a greater risk for cross-contamination.  (even the Easter Bunny knows that reading labels on every package is essential to keep Easter a safe occasion)

Food for Easter is part of the holiday but the Easter Bunny also wanted to mention another tradition that some may need to rethink- flowers. Often given as a gift or used as part of the table setting, flowers can be an allergy trigger as well. The key to surviving this dilemma- use this as a teaching moment and make edible flowers instead.


  1. Print out flower graphics. Use your own template or search for one online, such as this site: https://www.coloring.ws/flowers.htm.
  2. Have your child choose their favorite Crispy Green flavors.
  3. Include options of fresh fruits.

With a little bit of research and creativity, your Easter can easily become a safe tradition for everyone. It’s understandable to fear your foods, but never fear finding out how to utilize the foods that are healthy and allergy-friendly. Just as some may say they do not believe in the Easter Bunny, it’s up to you to decide if you want to have a little magic in your life as well as with your foods.


About the Author

Tracy Bush is a Food Allergy Consultant, Author, Blogger, Mother & Self-professed “Kitchen Geek”. Her website AllergyPhoods and media pages are a mixture of product reviews, recipes and advice mixed with a tinge of humor. Her mission- “I write, I cook and I laugh and I aim to make everyone else do the same.”

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