If your family is looking for ways to keep kids focused during homework time, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that students receive three times too much homework, which doesn’t make it easy for them to and concentrate through all of it. Nevertheless, homework is necessary for kids to remember important lessons that they learned during the school day.

Check out our infographic below that lists 7 easy, no-fuss ways to keep kids focused during homework time!

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Keep Kids Focused During Homework Time

It’s important that kids have the right space to do their homework. Try to opt for rooms that are clutter-free and bright – colorful rooms can be distracting. Check out this article that explains the art of feng shui and see how it can help you provide the right environment for your kids to concentrate on their homework.

Distractions such as video games and cell phones can also pull kids’ attention away from their studies. Be sure to limit their use when it’s homework time.

Making check-lists are a great way to keep kids motivated, especially when they have a mountain of homework! Checking off tasks as they’re completed helps students feel like they’re accomplishing something.

Every 15 minutes, have your child stand up and stretch or go for a quick walk. Having healthy snacks on hand is important as well, and be sure to have them drink plenty of water.

Finally, if you have the time, be sure to join them and do some work of your own, or read a good book while they’re doing homework. They’ll be more apt to focus when they see you doing the same thing!

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