Nowadays, you hear about feng shui all the time—from your yoga instructor, in home and lifestyle magazines, and from your friends. But what exactly is feng shui? In an article on, expert Rodika Tchi describes feng shui as a lifestyle developed by the Chinese over 3,000 years ago that emphasizes the importance of balance and energy in a space, which can bring about both health and good fortune. Core to this ideology is the focus on bringing out your inner chi, which is described as the energy that binds life together.

Now for the real question—how do you organize your own life using the principles of feng shui? Read on to learn how to apply the art of feng shui to help you feel happier and healthier every day.

Channel Your Chi

Looking for a quick way to destress? One of the easiest ways to clear the path for chi is to begin sorting through all of the clutter in your life. Many of us work at messy desks, or cringe whenever we pass by a shelf that is overcrowded with knick-knacks, books, and all kinds of odds and ends. Removing all of these unnecessary items will pave the way for the physical (and mental) space you need to unwind.

Relax and Rearrange

Finding the time (and funds) to redecorate or refurnish your living spaces might be tough, but simply rearranging certain items in your home could make all of the difference. Putting the couch on the other side of the room or having your bed face a new direction might give you more space to walk more freely through your home, which can help you bring more chi in your life. Check out this article on “Feng Shui for Beginners” on for how you should rearrange your furniture for optimal chi flow and energy.

Add in Aromatherapy

A simple way to add in some good energy into your home is to use aromatherapy. It’s important to use naturally fragrant essential oils rather than artificial perfumes, which often pollute your home rather than create a therapeutic feeling. There are many ways to use these oils—whether you add a few drops to a relaxing bath, diffuse them in the air, or cook with them. Some of the most common scents that we recommend are vanilla for well-being, citrus for the kitchen, and lavender for the bedroom to promote restful sleep.

Be Balanced

Those who practice feng shui place a large emphasis on the role of balance in their lives, as described by the yin and yang. In another article on, Tchi explains that yin (the black area of the symbol) represents feminine energy and embodies relaxed, passive, soft and mysterious energies. Yang (the white area of the symbol) symbolizes more active and masculine energies and is represented by vibrant colors, sounds, and lights. We can apply this philosophy to our eating habits, to ensure we are eating a balanced meal that allows us to get all of the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins our bodies need to be healthy. Exercising regularly, but not excessively, can be another takeaway from the yin and yang concept.

Lighten Up

In order to soak up all of the energies that keep you happy and healthy, you’ll need to surround yourself with plenty of natural light during the day. Roll up your blinds and allow some sunlight to flood your office when you work, which will give you an instant pick-me-up and help to increase your productivity. When possible, you should also make time to be outside on a sunny day, which will help you to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

– By Sara Kildunne

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