It’s that time of year.  Temperatures have dropped.  Snow has fallen.  The kids have spent countless hours outside, building forts and snowmen while trying to overlook the snow that has made its way into their boots.  Their angelic faces are rosy-red as they make snow angels, moving their arms and legs as quickly as the fireplace flames that warm up the living room while you watch from the window.  Inevitably, there have been multiple snowball fights, followed by countless cups of hot cocoa and warm baths.


There also comes a time of year when the snowball fights lead to snowball wars.  And tiny toes complain of the wet and cold, resulting from melted snow.  No one wants to play outside with wet and cold toes, right?  So the kids unanimously vote to stay indoors, leaving you wondering how in the world you’re going to stay sane while supervising a handful of restless little ones.


The following “tips” will keep the kids from doing too many “tricks,” while providing an opportunity for you to have some quality time without losing your mind!


Trampoline Park

There’s something for the whole family at the trampoline park!  Toddler friendly zones invite the little ones as they test their balance and sensory skills.  While adults can release their inner child by jumping into foam pits and reliving their glory days of high school basketball.  Warning:  wear your workout apparel.  If you’re anything like my husband, you’re going to sweat.


Home Depot Workshops

Whether you have a future handyman in your house or not, these workshops are a fantastic way for children to practice hand-eye coordination (beware, there are hammers involved!) while coming up with some pretty amazing creations ranging from airplanes to valentine’s card holders.  The events are free and include a child-size Home Depot apron and collectible pin.



Remember when your family would go on a road trip and, along with visiting amusement parks and ice cream shops during the day, half of the fun took place in the hotel pool?  Consider booking a night at a nearby hotel and invite some of the kids’ friends (and parents) for a slumber-pool party.


Try a New Recipe

Get the kids off the couch and into the kitchen.  Check out some of these healthy recipes and get the kids involved with meal prep.  It’s guaranteed to fill the time and their appetites.


Declutter Day

Tired of stepping over toys and hiding under the sheets every morning?  If the thought alone of cleaning the house exhausts you, considering enlisting the whole family for some decluttering.  Go through toys, clothes and household items asking “does this bring value to my life?”  Let your children know they need to select 5 items they no longer play with or use.  Then donate everything to a local charity.


Paint Party

Kids love paint.  And you love your kitchen table, floors and walls.  So why not bring the kids to the paint, and make a party out of it?  There are a variety of studios that offer adult classes, birthday parties and drop in classes that allow their creative juices to flow so you can float through the day.


Library Activities

“Library activities.”  It sounds like an oxymoron, right?  Who goes to a library to be active?  Well, most libraries have classrooms and programs geared toward specific age groups.  The best part?  Most of them are free.


Get Outside

When the sun comes out and the snow begins to melt, eager little ones will be ready to escape the house.  While it may look nice out as you head to the playground, be sure to dress in layers and watch out for puddles and slippery slush!  The fresh air is sure to energize even the sluggish of the bunch.


Groupon Deals

Have you run out of things to do? Are you tired of running around town looking for something new to do?  All of that running is going to wear you out (more than you already are). Sit down.  Breathe.  Consider downloading the Groupon app and finding activities that are affordable and close by.  You may be surprised to find that there are plenty of museums, bowling alleys, art classes and sport parks within driving distance.


Overcoming cabin fever isn’t an easy task.  Arm yourself with an action plan including any of these ideas and you’re sure to keep the little ones happy and active while breaking out of your own routine and rut.  Make memories, not messes!



Hi! My name is Megan. When I was in high school, overweight and inactive. After joining my first gym in 1997 and making changes to my lifestyle, the extra weight dropped and my commitment to health and wellness continued to grow. Megan Meisner Fitness emphasizes Activity, Nutrition and Restoration. In a world that overwhelms us with diet plans, new workout routines and the latest “stress-busting, abs-lusting” claims, our community will help you silence the distractions and focus on mindfulness, self awareness and support to reach your goals. The emphasis is on progression, not perfection.  I have been a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years.  My emphasis is on fitness for moms and youth.

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