Spring has sprung and it’s time for spring cleaning. Not only is it helpful to spring clean our homes but we can also spring clean our health. If you’ve been cooped up inside all winter, it’s time to add some movement back into your life for the physical and mental health benefits. If you enjoyed lots of heavier foods, it’s time to add some fresh, lighter spring meals into your diet with lots of seasonal fruits and veggies. Spring is such a great time for new beginnings and these tips for spring cleaning your health will help to get you back on track to living a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Health

Take a quick run outside–the fresh air will do you wonders!

1. Get outside

Getting outside and getting some movement in does so much for not only your body but also for your mind! Getting some fresh air and sunshine feels so good and does wonders for your mental health- especially with the year many of us have had. When you feel stressed, try a little 15 minute walk and you may feel so much better afterwards. Even sitting outside on a patio or in your yard is beneficial. Eating outside is a great option when the weather gets nicer. Something about it is just so joyful after a long winter.

Add fresh fruit to your favorite granola parfait.

2. Add in more fruit and veggies

I know that for my family, we eat heavier foods in the wintertime and that is normal–hello comfort foods! After the winter months though, our bodies are craving lighter and fresher foods. Try adding in some fruit to your breakfast and some extra vegetables at lunch and dinner. Produce has lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals and can help you to feel your best. Try a variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables for the most nutrition.


3. Declutter

A cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind. Take some time to spring clean your home and declutter. Having a clutter-free home can lead to a much calmer mind. It is helpful to have your home be somewhere where you can relax and feel good, not somewhere where you look around and there is stuff everywhere. Nowadays, you don’t even need to drop off donations much of the time. You can schedule a donation pickup right from your home or give stuff on a local Facebook group. Many donation centers also have drive-through drop-offs–it couldn’t be easier. Put it on your calendar so you don’t forget. 

Just 30 minutes of day or exercise can make a big difference!

4. Move your body every day

This goes along with getting outside everyday- aim to get at least 30 minutes of movement in most days of the week. Go for a walk, go for a run, go biking, etc. Whatever kind of exercise you like doing is great. Find something you love and enjoy it! You don’t need fancy gear or to be super athletic to go on a walk! Check out Maximize Your Walking Workout to burn more calories and muscle tone while you’re at it. Just get out there and move your body.

Fruity seltzer drinks are easy to make and a great way to stay hydrated.

5. Drink up

Staying hydrated is so important for helping you feel your best. Aim for 8 8-ounce glasses of water or other drinks each day. Decaf tea or sparkling water are a couple of other sugar-free and caffeine-free options if you don’t like just drinking water. Combine fruit nectar (or pureed fruit) and sparking water to create a refreshing fruity drink with half the calories and sugar or pre-bottled beverages you’d buy in the store. 

Try these tips for spring cleaning your health and have a great spring and summer!

— Amanda Hernandez, MA, RD of The Nutritionist Reviews

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