Join Matt McGlasson, DVM, CVPM, and Melanie Goble, DVM, to chat about the vital role our pets play in pet parent & veterinary mental health.
When: THURSDAY- 5/26 AT 7 PM – 8 PM ET
Throughout the pandemic, pet ownership has been on the rise. With more time spent at home and increased feelings of isolation, many saw this as the opportune time to adopt a pet to keep them company. Not only does pet parenting provide emotional support and a source of happiness, but science tells us that there’s power in a cat’s purr. Cat parents are shown to have better heart health and resilience to stress.
With an increase in pet ownership also comes a rise in vet visits, and many vets are feeling burnt out. In this webinar, our veterinary experts will also address the toll that an influx of new patients has had on their own mental health, and how they handle the stress of their profession.
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Basepaws supports Not One More Vet, an organization dedicated to addressing and supporting the mental wellbeing of veterinary professionals who are struggling. Tickets are free, with an option to make a donation to NOMV as a way to say “thank you” to the veterinarians who keep our pets happy and healthy.
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