The the Pledge to Power Your Lunchbox

Produce for Kids is kicking off the third year of their amazingly successful Power Your Lunchbox Program to moms and dads across the nation who are committed to providing healthier lunches for their kids this school year. It’s so easy, a 5th grader could do it in their sleep!

Just go to and click on and click “Take the Pledge.”  Fill in your first name and how many family members you have.  Click “submit” and you’re finished…well, not quite.

Actually, your job has just began.  Now it’s official—you have taken an oath that you will provide healthful, nutritious lunches for your kids each day for the entire school year.

No—you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew! It’s merely a promise to yourself and to your family that you recognize the importance of packing a healthy lunch, and are taking it seriously.  No excuses!

But not to worry. The Power Your Lunchbox program takes the edge off since they provide so many excellent ideas, simple-to-make recipes and fun, delicious options that your kids will actually enjoy!  (Little Madison or Connor may even want to get in on the action and lend a helping hand!)


At, you can find everything from lunchbox ideas to after school snacks and even easy weeknight dinners (what’s not to like there?!)  It’s all easily accessible from their website.  And, when you take the pledge, you can enter to win a new bento box, get coupons and have lunchbox ideas emailed right to you!

Truly a Win-Win for All!

  • ParentsButterfly-Bento-Box-sticker

    win by keeping their commitment to providing healthier lunches for their children, while receiving ideas and recipes to make it fun and easy.

  • Your kids

    win by eating healthier lunches and snacks during the school year. They also will have the opportunity to stretch their palates a bit, learn about interesting food options and enjoy delicious treats that are actually good for them!

  • Kids in need

    win too! For every pledge taken now through September 23rd, the nonprofit organization Feeding America will be able to donate 11 meals to families in need.  In 2015, nearly 11,000 families and classrooms took the pledge which led to nearly 108,000 meals for these families!  Produce for Kids has set a goal to double that number in 2016, so that would come to over…well you do the math—lots of meals!

Power this great mission, while you power your kids’ bodies and brains this school year with an exciting array of lunchbox ideas that are easy to make!  Ready to take the pledge?

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