Since most of us are juggling busier-than-ever schedules and long workdays, it’s important to stock up on healthy snacks for work that keep you both satisfied and focused. You’ll also need easy-access noshes that are easy to store and don’t require any prep work to distract you during a busy day. Read on for ideas for satisfying snacks for work that are easy to pack and prepare on hectic workweeks.

Instant Oatmeal

Searching for snacks for work that will really fill you up? Instant oatmeal is a great choice because it contains tons of essential vitamins and minerals you need to stay energized throughout the day. And, if you don’t get the opportunity to eat breakfast before getting to the office, instant oatmeal makes a great substitute that you can enjoy at your desk once you add some hot water.

Raw Revolution Bars

These portable Raw Rev snack bars are vegan, high in protein and fiber and lower in sugar than most bars. These superfood bars use mostly raw ingredients and come in delicious, satisfying flavors like Creamy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Cashew & Mint, and more.

Greek Yogurt

Because there are so many different varieties of Greek yogurt to bring with you, it’s one of those snacks for work that you can never really get tired of! Look for low-sugar or no sugar varieties that you can top with fresh fruit or granola to make it a heartier snack.

Mini Rice Cakes

Rice cakes make for great snacks for work because they’re low in calories and they help to satisfy you midday. There are tons of varieties that you can try as well– we love Apple Cinnamon, Caramel Corn and Brown Sugar Rice cakes flavors. Spread on Justin’s all-natural peanut butter or almond butter for a more satisfying snack.

Krave Jerky

If you want a low-carb energy boost, look to Krave Jerky. We love their portion-controlled snack packs for shelf-stable mini meals that provide protein to help you power through your day.

Crispy Apples

Crispy Apple snacks are excellent snacks for work because they allow you to get your daily dose of apples in an easy-to-transport, convenient way. All Crispy Fruit snacks are freeze dried, which allows each slice to maintain nearly all of the nutritional value of fruit in its fresh form. No refrigeration is needed—just throw a bag in your purse or briefcase and go!

Wasabi Peas

Looking for a little spice to wake up your tastebuds? Wasabi peas are great because they replace traditional, unhealthy snack foods such as chips while still helping to keep you satisfied.

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