We all do it… pass gas, toot, break wind, cut the cheese (pssst…”fart”)!  But do you know why?  AND, did you know you can take the stinkiness down a few notches?  Here’s the scoop on your toots:

What Makes Us Toot?

Believe it or not, flatulence (the scientific word for “farts”) is caused from odorless gases.  There is oxygen and nitrogen from swallowed air, while hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide are produced when bacteria in the large intestine ferment the carbohydrates we eat.  In other words, the gases we swallow, combined with the food in our gut work together to produce farts.  It’s just as natural as breathing, blinking or burping.

Smelly Toots Chris B. GreenBut Why Does It Sometimes Stink?

Ahh yes….that distinctive rotten-egg smell.  This is the result of traces of hydrogen sulphide, which gut bacteria are known to produce from protein.  Not only is this gas the culprit of smelly farts, but it can also lead to irritable bowel syndrome and increase the risk of bowel cancer.  This prompted Chu Yao at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and her colleagues to investigate how different foods affect the amount of hydrogen sulphide that is produced in the gut. [1]

Can we Reduce the “Pee-Yoo” Factor?

If only Chu Yao’s team could figure out what causes the hydrogen sulphide….wait!  That’s exactly what they did!  And they found that proteins such as meat, eggs and dairy increase hydrogen sulphide-producing emissions.  But they also found that there are certain carbohydrates that pass through the small intestine without being fully digested.  Two of these carbs break down way ahead of proteins so they reduce hydrogen sulphide production by about 75%!  Also, drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated definitely helps reduce the ‘pee-yoo’ factor!!

Hero Foods to Conquer the Smell

These foods will help you eat a healthier diet AND reduce your smelly toots!
· Potatoes
· Bananas
· Legumes
· Cereals
· Wheat
· Artichokes
· Asparagus

I don’t know about you Chirp, but I’m definitely adding more of these foods to my diet….especially since that cute, new peach sits behind me now!

[1] https://www.newscientist.com/article/2109040-these-are-the-foods-you-should-eat-if-you-want-less-smelly-farts/

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