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Joel Harper is a celebrity Personal Trainer to Dr. Oz., Olympic medalists, actors, musicians embarking on world tours and business executives. Featured in Esquire, Joel has created all of the personal workout chapters for the New York Times best-selling YOU: books series and the accompanying workout DVDs with Drs. Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, as well as the popular FIT PACK DVD. His workouts are also been featured on ABC & Fox News, Oprah, The Dr. Oz. Show and Good Morning America. A Texas native, Joel graduated from New York University, before embarking on a modeling career. He worked with top designers and appeared in magazines, calendars and billboards in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Fitness became a way of life, and now Joel enjoys sharing that love and motivation with others. See Joe’s story about High Intensity, Interval Training and Motivation.  Visit him at his website

What it’s like to work with a celebrity clientele and how do you customize workouts for ultimate energy and strength? 

I am a strong believer in bio-individuality.  Every one of my clients is extremely different.  I never ever jump to conclusions.  I ask questions and actively listen and watch.  With that information I plan their workout accordingly.  Each day and each workout is extremely different depending on how they answer my high-mileage questions.

 How did you get into a career working with the likes of Dr. Oz?

First off, I love helping people feel better about their bodies, more energized and tension free.  When you come from that place you are a magnet to people who are aligned with your intentions.

 Can you tell us what are some of the biggest roadblocks to achieving mental and physical health from your experience?

The biggest flaw I find is not asking yourself high-mileage questions. Questions that contribute to the change you want and need to be your most balanced content self.  Second, is follow through.  Most people have the answers, but they are not willing to do the work.  Everyone that goes to the Olympics does not get there by sleeping in late, lounging around and eating processed foods. We all have the time. The question is how are we using our time.

Do you have a favorite cardio or workout routine?

The 100 rep workout. I pick four machines for each body part and do 100 reps nonstop. If it gets too hard I lower the plate by one until I reach the finish line.

Least favorite cardio?

Treadmill.  I find it mind numbing.  I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again.

What does a normal day look like for you in the way of workout routines? 

There is no normal day. I workout simultaneously with my clients, so my workout depends on their workout and their goals. In my free time I then take my yellow lab out and it is his time to work me out.

What is your diet like? 

I am an enormous eater.  I am always hungry.  I eat any chance that I can. I believe in crowding out.  I eat mostly fruits as snacks,  vegetables and a protein for a meal and satisfy myself with that first and then I have zero cravings for items that don’t make me feel my best.

How has your workout routine changed since you started your career?

I used to lift much heavier weights, but now I am more excited by circus performing.

Do you have any other advice for people trying to get into shape?

Consistency is key. Look at fitness like brushing and flossing your teeth. You wouldn’t go a day without brushing your teeth and you wouldn’t leave food stuck in between your teeth would you?




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