Stun your Mom this Mother’s Day! (We mean that in a good way of course.) If you’re looking for an offbeat and unforgettable gifts for your Mom, we got you covered. We combed the internet for unusual gifts, everything from a chicken renting service, hand-crafted puzzles, custom-face cookie cutters to crystal 3D photos. The point is to leave Mom in speechless awe or a fit of laughter with your gift. Why abandon the classic gifts of perfume, chocolate or brunch? First, it takes courage and imagination to come up with a unique gift that your Mom will enjoy. And the more personal the gift, the more she knows you’re listening to her, something all Moms appreciate. Without further ado, our

 Offbeat Mom’s Day Gift Picks: 

Rent The Chicken 

Price: $450-$800* 

If your Mom is a gardener and loves pets and eggs, consider Rent The Chicken.This service, which has outlets around the country will personally bring the chickens with movable coop to your house so you can have farm-fresh eggs from your own rented chickens. If a chicken happens to get eaten by a snake or hawk (and doesn’t die from your neglect) the service will even bring you a replacement chicken at no cost. Just make sure you land is zoned for chickens before you invite them into your yard. And if you happen to fall in love with your feathered friends, there are rent-to-own options. 

One of the many rental options available from Rent The Chicken.

A standard 7-month rental might include 2 egg-bearing chickens, all the supplies you need, a portable chicken coop, 100-200 lbs. of feed, food and water dishes, and a chicken keeping book and instructions. Rent the Chicken claims that their chickens’ eggs are healthier than store-bought eggs. Healthier eggs have a third of the cholesterol, a quarter-less saturated fats and two times more omega 3 fatty acids. Depending on your rental package (up to four chickens) you can expect one or two dozen eggs a week. And lastly, Rent The Chicken really thinks of everything. If your family happens to go away for a week of vacation during the summer and you can’t find a chicken sitter, they’ll even watch your chickens for you if you bring them back in a pet carrier. 

Stave Puzzles

Price: $295 and up. 

Jigsaw-loving families take notice, we’ve got the Rolls-Royce of puzzle gifts for you. Based in Norwich, Vt., Stave Puzzles says it takes pride in “tormenting” its customers with its hand-crafted wooden puzzles since 1974. Its puzzles are some of the most challenging and inventive (and arguably beautiful) jigsaw puzzles in the world. There is no box top image to prop up to give you clues as what goes where, and each piece is hand cut. And no two puzzles are identical, so good luck getting clues from the internet. With its Teasers line, exterior pieces fit snugly together but the middle pieces fit together infuriatingly with gaps between some pieces. My parents bought a few of these later in life and it was not uncommon to have a team of people working for a month on one. 

They’re not cheap, Awesome Blossom with 175 pieces, for instance, runs $945 and is rated with four swords rating which Stave translates as“Requires extra concentration, patience, aspirin and Valium.” Meanwhile, “Give Me a Buzz is a 1-sword easier rating (extra concentration) and is currently priced at $345. There are easier puzzles as well, and oodles of ways you can personalize them. Doing puzzles keeps is proven activity to keep your brain sharp. Completing a difficult Stave is like running a mental marathon! You’ll be mentally drained but overjoyed. They’re well worth the investment.

Custom Face Cookie Cutter

Price: $25.80+

What’s better than a fresh batch of homemade cookies for mom on Mother’s Day? We’ll tell you… cookies with mom’s FACE on them! These custom face cookie cutters make for a fun and silly gift that are sure to make her smile. And if you’re really feeling creative, order a custom set for the whole family and serve them as a fun dessert. Each cookie cutter is made from eco-friendly, PLA plastic and is food safe. Send in a photo to be 3D printed and handmade with care. When it comes to celebrating mom, nothing says “I love you” quite like a cookie with her face on it. 

Crystal 3D Rectangle Picture in Glass


We have to admit, although this gift is offbeat, it’s also very beautiful!  We love how simple it is to order–just pick one of your favorite phone pics of you and mom, upload and choose your size and wait for the custom piece of art to arrive. These one-of-a-kind, sentimental centerpieces come in a wide variety of sizes with prices starting at just $89. Artpix Rectangular Laser Engraved, 2D and 3D Crystals ensure you will be able to remember Mother’s Day 2021 forever. 

Front side of the crystal is static 3D and BACK side of the crystal will follow you.  Put Mom in a beautiful glass box so she can keep her eyes on you and make sure you’re toeing the line! 🙂

Baby Porcelain Doll 

Price: $129.99+

Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day better than another addition to the family! Baby porcelain dolls symbolize several similar things. These dolls represent youth, girlishness and timidity. Bring mom back to her childhood fond memories of doll collections but make it realistic and lifelike. If your mom ever says, “I miss my little baby!” Then this is the perfect gift for her. Not only can you personalize the porcelain doll to your liking, but you can also dress them up as you please. Congratulations, Mom on your new little one on your special day! 

If Mom isn’t happy with your gift selections, you at least score points for creativity, and can have a good laugh in the process. Above all, have a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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