It’s been a few weeks since 2018 kicked off, maybe your New Year Resolutions aren’t quite as strong as they once were … or maybe, if you are like me: you still haven’t had time to really sit down and flesh them out.  Or maybe, you are killing it and just need a brief jumpstart.

Whichever category you fall into, this post is for YOU.  Today, I will be sharing with you some of my go-to tips and tricks to not only get yourself a solid plan of action for your New Year’s goals, but conquer them once and for all.


1. Get real with yourself.

Making New Year’s goals is simply what we do as humans.  But if you are coming up with these goals merely because it is what the rest of the world is doing… this will do absolutely nothing besides light a fire under your booty for a day or two.  Instead, sit yourself down, get a cup of your favorite hot beverage, and get ready to get deep with yourself.

Ask yourself the following two questions:

Why do you want to lose 10 pounds?
Why do you want to smile more?
Why do you want to sleep more?

By doing this, you are unconsciously creating more drive to push toward that goal.  When you want to quit or slack for a few days, you will have more attachment and meaning to the long-term effects of doing that.

How will you lose 10 pounds?
I will eat 1 cup of vegetables with every meal.
I will drink 2 liters of water every day.
I will exercise 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes.
I will take the steps instead of the elevator and walk more.

This is how you should be setting your goals.  No vague-ness, but a solid PLAN.  By creating more specific goals related to your larger one, you are solidifying your progress in a daily fashion.  Instead of having a vague idea of losing 10 pounds, you have actionable goals every day that will get you there.  More importantly, remove your focus from all-or-nothing.  Continuing with the example above, at any given point, yes you will have lost 10 pounds or you will not have; but, this is not your focus.  Your focus is 100 percent on what you can do today to get there in the future.  Read more about this technique on my recent Instagram post:

slow down & day by day small steps will become big leaps 👣 we all have these big dreams and these big goals (peep new years resolutions 💫) and while we want them badly, we often focus too much on the larger picture : we either have reached that goal, or we haven’t. we forget that each and everyday adds up. — what you do today affects your tomorrow which in turn affects the next day which in turn affects your long term goal. so yes, DREAM BIG, but add more to the picture— draw out a path for yourself. what can you do TODAY that you can check off and know that you are making progress? — goals and dreams don’t just happen, you won’t wake up one day and have reached a milestone without having put work in the days leading up to it. — tl;dr?? 💫goals are good but it’s less the actual milestone that matters, its the check marks you can put down everyday next to a process that bring you towards that milestone. move your mind away from the “have it” or “don’t have it” mindset, sure maybe you haven’t lost 10 pounds that you set as a goal, but did you exercise today? did you eat your veggies? did you eat mindfully? ✔️✔️✔️ — day by day, check something off & trust the process 👣 ** #YouMakeYou **

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2. Narrow it down

Often the new year’s goals we set are yearend or long-term goals, and that is OK, but I challenge you to make smaller goals that push you along the path to those longer-term goals.  Personally, I like to plan month by month; however, you can also plan week by week. If you are one that tends toward changing things up often, I suggest trying setting smaller goals more frequently to keep yourself inspired.

This technique is similar to above; however, with this approach, you are pushing hard and diligently with a specific deadline of the end of the given time period.  Here’s a more concrete example, full credit to Hima from IG@himagetsfit who sets monthly changing intentions:

3. Remind yourself

One-hundred and ten percent, I recommend celebrating little victories as a way to remind yourself of your progress toward those larger new year’s goals.  However, what I recommend even more than that is having physical reminders #OnTheRegular.  These reminders can be of your why (re: tip #1), of your actual goals, or even coded phrases that simply remind you to stay on track, such as “don’t do it!” or “you can do it!”.

The most important part is having these reminders be physically seen by your own eyes at a minimum of twice per day. 
Put sticky notes on your mirror!
Set a reminder on your phone to go off periodically!
Change the wallpaper on your phone!
Write it on the inside of your palm or wrist!

Choose one, choose two, or even choose all three of these tips to kick-start your new year’s goals into high gear… once and for all.

– By Colby Triolo, Founder of YouMakeYou, IG: @colbylivesfit

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