Meet Chris Freytag, founder of Get Healthy U TV, certified personal trainer, and health coach. Chris talks about the different health benefits you gain by eating fruit and how some people are unfortunately misinformed! She talks about the most frequently asked question by her clients, “can I eat fruit although it has sugar?” — Her answer is YES, of course! Added sugar is what you need to watch out for. It is absorbed much more readily into your bloodstream and spikes up your insulin. On the other hand, when natural sugars are paired with fiber (like in all fruits), they absorb slower, reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance, and help to curb hunger. Fruit happens to be one of the best carbs out there, don’t mistake it for the bad ones. So in the future, if you’re ever asked, is sugar in fruit bad for you? – your answer better be no!

Getting More Fruit Into Your Diet

We all know it can be hard to buy fresh fruit – it’s expensive, goes bad quickly, and can be out of season. Chris talks about her newfound favorite snack, Crispy Green! She emphasizes on how it is 100% fruit and nothing else, no added sugars or preservatives. Chris also discusses the freeze-drying process and how it differs from conventional dried fruit — making the strong comparison on how the freeze-drying process leaves fruit crispy like a chip. Crispy Green is a great on-the-go snack, with only 55 calories or less per bag that everyone of all ages can enjoy. The best part about it is that it holds nutrients and fiber content! If there is anything we can take from Chris — it’s to eat your fruit!

Watch Chris Freytag’s video below to learn about the different health benefits of fruit and why you should incorporate fruits into your everyday diet.

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