“I don’t need a vacation,” said nobody ever. But, if you’re an energetic type, lounging on a beach all day or spending too much time at the spa might be a little too slow-paced for your vacation style. Instead, you may want to research some trips that involve a little adventure and exploring as a way to enjoy your time with your friends. Check out our tips to plan an active getaway with your besties that’s exciting and will help you keep your fitness goals in check!

Determine Your Objectives

While you might want to plan a backpacking excursion through Yosemite National Park, your friends may want to kayak the Colorado River. Be sure to have an open conversation about where it is you’d like to go, what it is you’d like to do on your vacation, and your budges before your friends book the trip. Oftentimes, you can compromise by finding a location that offers many different activities that appeal to everyone, like a Caribbean resort. (Who wouldn’t want to visit a place that offers snorkeling, hiking, four-wheeling and zip-lining daily?).

Do Your Research

If you want to incorporate some exercise into your trip, you and your friends will need to choose accommodations that have a fitness center and tons of activities for you to enjoy. Hotels or resorts with an indoor gym are a plus in case of inclement weather (you can’t control Mother Nature, right?). Check out online travel review sites to read other travelers’ advice on the best places to stay, and then consult your besties before you make your final decision.

Check for Fitness-Oriented Events

Once you’ve decided where your group will be venturing to, be sure to check out the local events that will be taking place when you’ll be there. You might discover that the city you’re venturing to will be holding its annual 5K or bikeathon, which you can schedule in between sightseeing excursions. We also recommend checking out Wanderlust festivals if you’re a yogi or someone who likes to follow mindful living practices.

Make An Itinerary

If you want to pack in as many activities as you can into one trip, it’s crucial that your group discusses an itinerary before you depart. That way, you won’t waste any time once you reach your destination deciding what you should do first. And, while some of your friends may want to keep the plan light, remind them that it’s better to plan a full schedule for every day – you can always skip certain activities if the group decides to have some down time. Or, decide ahead of time that if someone wants to scale back on some of the activities, you’ll all be okay with that and go about your days in the ways that make you happiest on vacation.

Pack Accordingly

Just because it may be chilly where you live, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is! Even if you’re not traveling far, it’s important to check the weather before you go to get a good sense of what it will be like when you’re on your trip. Once you know which kinds of active wear you’ll need, schedule a group shopping trip prior to your departure, so that everyone has the right gear to pack. Not only will it ensure that everyone is prepared and stress-free, it’s also an excuse to have some fun with your friends before the vacation begins!

– By Sara Kildunne

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