Need some low-calorie noshes that don’t involve a lot of work? We’ve got you covered! There are tons of low calorie snack ideas out there that are simple to make and will hold you over until your next meal. Check out our delicious healthy low calorie snack list that is sure to satisfy whatever you’re craving!

Cinnamon Applesauce

We’re starting off with a throwback on our healthy snack list! The applesauce that you loved as a kid can help satisfy a sweet craving, and can be taken with you when you’re out and about. Cinnamon also adds a little extra flavor to this low calorie snack and is said to help speed up your metabolism and burn belly fat. Choose a brand that doesn’t contain any preservatives or added sugars.

Grapes and Light String Cheese

Grapes are great low-calorie fruit and are sweet complement to low-fat string cheeses that you can take with you when you’re on the go. This healthy combination easily fits in a lunch bag and can be eaten as a late breakfast snack or a quick snack before dinner. Grapes are full of antioxidants and string cheese is packed with calcium, making this combo a great, low-calorie match!

Plain Instant Oatmeal with Almond Butter

Making healthy low calorie snacks doesn’t get much easier than this! You can enjoy oatmeal as a solid snack to power through a busy afternoon, or for a nutritious breakfast to fuel your body to get through a long day. Make a packet of plain oatmeal as an afternoon snack and swirl a tablespoon of almond butter into the hot oats for a protein add-on that will keep you full for hours!

Celery and Peanut Butter

Looking for a low calorie snack that you can whip up in a hurry? Look no further! Just grab a celery stick from the fridge and spread two tablespoons of peanut butter on top for a filling snack that that will hold you over until your next meal. You can also try using almond butter or even hazelnut butter if you’re not a huge peanut butter fan. We like adding raisins if you’re making this with kids for “ants on a log.”

Steamed Edamame

These healthy low calorie snacks are pretty addictive… in a good way! Steamed edamame soybeans are a nutritious source of protein, iron and calcium and are especially perfect for those who follow a vegetarian plant-based diet. Add a pinch of salt on top of the soybeans for added flavor!

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese and Chopped Cantaloupe

Spoon a half-cup of low fat cottage cheese into a bowl and top it with seasonal cantaloupe chunks. Cantaloupe is a healthy source of vitamins A and C, and low-fat cottage cheese has lots of protein and calcium. You can easily pack a to-go container of cottage cheese in your lunchbox and put cantaloupe chunks in a separate container with an ice pack to keep them cold. It’s a great quick mid-morning low calorie snack at your desk.

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