Aerial yogaGym clothes and shoes laid out. Check. Alarm clock set. Check. Water bottle in gym bag. Check. Alarm clock set. Check (again).

Preparing yourself to workout can be a daunting task. You’ve never considered yourself an early bird, your favorite kind of health nut is one covered in chocolate, and the closest you’ve come to being a gym rat is that time you parked in the spot furthest from the gym door and had to sprint (faster than anything you’ve logged on the treadmill) through rain and sleet to make it to your car. “Drowned gym rat” may be a more accurate description.

Regardless of the amount of effort you’ve put into finding a routine (and sticking with it), your enthusiasm tends to fizzle as quickly as ego when you attempt a push up. No matter how many times you set your alarm to David Guetta’s “Titanium,” you feel anything but bulletproof.

Set aside your frustration, drop your fears, and be prepared for all of that to change! It’s time to forget your fond memories of leg warmers and sweatbands in group fitness classes, and give these trendy, and tried, programs a chance.

Not only do group fitness classes provide a supportive atmosphere of like-minded (who else agrees a 30-second plank feels like an eternity?!) individuals, but they’re pretty cutting edge. If you’ve ever dreamed of flying through space, check out some of the trends in yoga. While you’re at it, how about firing up the core, arms AND your heart rate with weighted movements in NuPower Yoga. And if the only thing you’re used to (unsuccessfully) resisting are donuts and ice cream sandwiches, then give the XBAR resistance band class a try.

Because everything is much more fun when you’re experiencing the highs and lows, the jabs and punches with others, while being coached by some of the most experienced and influential fitness instructors in the industry. These classes are about to take over the fitness industry, so visit their web site to find out when and where there will be a class near YOU!

NuPower Yoga

NuPower Yoga class provides the best of both worlds—improved strength and a calm, centered mind. Incorporating NuBells, you’ll recruit muscles throughout your whole body, particularly the core, as you move fluidly from one post to the next. NuBells are a versatile and balanced weight, encircling the hand in order to recruit more stabilizing muscles and provide relief to the tendons and ligaments. Strengthening your core doesn’t just make you strong and lean, it also helps you stay grounded and balanced in your yoga practice.
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What’s more fun than spin class? Spin class, under water. Yup, your bike is in a pool and the resistance you’re working against is water. This efficient workout is easier on your bones and joints, reducing the amount of soreness you may feel the next day.
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Aerial Yoga

Fly through your workout while suspended in air via silk hammock! This highly effective class is designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your physique by incorporating traditional yoga with anti-gravity moves. With zero impact and an extended range of motion, you’ll achieve an experience unlike a traditional yoga class.
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Orange Theory

This science behind Orange Theory is more extensive than working up a sweat while increasing your heart rate. The routine is designed to improve muscular endurance, strength and power. Burn approximately 500-1000 calories per class while tracking your heart rate and being coached by fitness coaches into the “Orange Zone” of your heart rate.
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The Barre Code

Inspired by women, for women, The Barre Code is a one stop shop for all of your fitness needs. Offering cardio, strength training and restoration formats, you’re guaranteed to find a class that’s equally invigorating and exhausting! Their signature class, Barre Code, involves dynamic, full range movements alongside targeted isometrics.
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XBAR Fitness

The XBAR is a resistance band training system that stimulates the body and mind. In a group fitness setting, the class incorporates cardio intervals to improve your aerobic fitness, burn cal-ories and improve your strength. With three different levels of elastic bands, you can easily vary the degree of resistance to suit your fitness level.
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Faced with indecision? Unsure which class you’ll like best? If you’re having a difficult time choosing just one, consider joining ClassPass. A monthly membership to ClassPass gives you access to the largest community of fitness studios with options ranging from kickboxing to Pilates to hip hop!

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Remember, whether you exercise by yourself or with a group, indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a yoga mat or spin bike. In a pool, or in savasana. When it comes down to it, a healthy lifestyle involves working out consistently and persistently.

– By Megan Meisner

Megan’s fitness journey began when she was in high school, overweight and inactive. After joining her first gym and making changes to her lifestyle, the extra weight dropped and her commitment to health and helping others continued to grow. Megan is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. She can be reached at or on the following social networks.

Instagram @megan.m.meisner
Twitter @meganmmeisner

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