Join expert Meditation Trainers for live streamed Group Meditation sessions every Wednesday at 7:30PM EST – 8:30PM EST through December.
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During these uncertain and turbulent times of the COVID-19 pandemic, free live-streamed guided meditation series are being presented, including useful tips for individuals and families practicing social distancing.
While staying isolated can help to prevent the spread of the virus, uncertainty and isolation can create a sense of fear, anxiety, stress and sadness in our minds, putting our relationships and mental health at risk. Meditation is scientifically proven to improve mental health by creating a sense of peace in our hearts and boosting the development of grey matter in our brains, ultimately improving happiness and immunity.
In each session, along with guided meditation, we’ll cover topics such as how to overcome fear, anxiety and depression, as well as share practical strategies to help improve sleep, concentration and positivity.

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