Image of Crispy Fruit flavors across a green Earth. The text says "Crispy Green", "Committed to a Green Future", and "Making Everyday Earth Day" stacked on each other. It then says, "Celebrating 20 years of Using Food As A Force For Good" with a trademark symbol next to it.The image also has the Crispy Green heart logo at the bottom.

Making Everyday Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everybody! While today marks Earth Day, at Crispy Green, we strive to make every day Earth Day. For 20 years, we’ve championed the mission of Using Food as a Force for Good™, promoting wellness and sustainability with every energizing bite of Crispy Fruit. From our dedication to sourcing fresh, 100% pure fruit to our commitment toward a green future, our mission toward making the world a greener and better place is ongoing!

Clean Ingredients

To start, our process begins with handpicking fresh fruits, and not including additives or preservatives. This commitment to quality means our Crispy Fruit products contain just one ingredient: fruit! With 100% pure fruit, Crispy Fruit empowers families to take on their day head-on, providing them with the natural energy they need to keep achieve!

Additionally, you can learn more about our freeze drying process below! Watch to see how you favorite fruit transforms into your favorite better-for-you snack!

Education and Wellness

Next, our love for the planet flows into our dedication to education and wellness. We are always thrilled to partner with registered dieticians at our retailers to spread knowledge about healthy snacking and sustainability. Together, we’re educating communities to help them make more mindful snacking choices for themselves and to benefit the planet for a greener future.

Image of a registered dietitian at a retail store, holding a bag of Crispy Fruit Strawberry. The retail dietitian is also surrounded by other Crispy Fruit multipack bags, including Mango, Apple and Pineapple. The dietitian is standing behind a black table with all the bags on it.

Supporting Communities Ones Step at a Time

Community Outreach

Moreover, we believe in the power of community outreach in creating a positive change. Crispy Green is committed to giving back through financial and product donations to local and national organizations. includes the Healthy Family Project, MIT, schools and more! On top of that, our team believes in rolling up our sleeves and donating our time and energy. Supporting these initiatives align with our values as we aim to make the world a better place, one snack at a time!

A collage photo. On the right, it is shelves filled with Crispy Fruit Strawberry and Pineapple with a sign that is connected to the Healthy Family Project. In the middle, it is the Crispy Green team preparing meals for houseless individuals. On the furthest right, we have a woman holding bananas and Crispy Fruit snacks as she stands behind a table that is holding up boxes of Crispy Fruit Strawberry, Apple, Banana, Mango, Tangerine, Pineapple and Pear.

From left to right: Crispy Green and Healthy Family Project partnership, Crispy Green team preparing food for houseless people, and Crispy Green donation to MIT’s Medical Annual Getfit Fitness Challenge


Furthermore, minimizing our environmental footprint and reducing waste has been a priority for us. This has influenced the steps we have taken toward improving our packaging. In 2022, Crispy Green updated it’s packaging, reducing the amount of packaging material. Additionally, we implemented changes to ensure that our multipack bag was now 100% PP recyclable material. These changes toward a greener future resonated with us internally.

We want you to know than when you’re enjoying one of our Crispy Green snacks, you’re not only nourishing your body, but also working toward a more sustainable future. Together, we are making a big impact on our favorite planet!

Image of the Crispy Fruit 4-pack flavors stacked on each other, including Strawberry, Apple, Mango, Pear, Pineapple, Tangerine and Banana. The image is against a green to white gradient. The bottom of the image is decorated with the certifications of Crispy Fruit including, Vegan, Nonallergen, Kosher, Non-GMo, no sugar added, and more.

100% PP Recyclable Material!

Committed to a Green Future on Earth Day & Every Day

Lastly, Crispy Green has contributed to reducing food waste with its shelf-stable product, Crispy Fruit, which boasts a long-term shelf life of three years. Crispy Green actively combats wasted fruit, as studies have shown that fruits and vegetables are the largest category for loss and waste with a total of 31.5% of production, as reported by the International Food Policy Research Institute (2023). With it’s expansive shelf life, Crispy Fruit can be an energizing snack for any occasion for every active family.

Crispy Green is an Active Family’s Best Friend

Overall, with Crispy Green being an active family’s best friend, we want to provide you and your family with the right snacks to get you outside for Earth Day! With seven unique flavors bursting with energy, Crispy Green will give you and your family the natural fuel to continue making the world a greener and place for us all this Earth Day!

Mother and kid posing outside with Crispy Fruit apple. The kid is on a bike.

An Active Family’s Best Friend

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