Portrait of children handing a surprise gift for their father.

Father’s Day is a special time to honor the Dads who have shaped our lives with their love, wisdom, and guidance. At Crispy Green, we believe that the best gifts come from the heart and create lasting memories. This year, we’ve gathered some heartwarming stories from our team about the most sentimental gifts they’ve received or given over the years.

1. A Heat-Sensitive Coffee Mug with a Family Photo


Our Sales Analyst, Christopher, shared a touching story about a Father’s Day gift that continues to bring him joy every morning: a heat-sensitive coffee mug that reveals a family photo when filled with hot coffee. This simple yet innovative gift allows Dad to start his day with a smile as he watches his favorite family photo appear with each cup of coffee. The mug is a daily reminder of his family’s love and appreciation for him.


Photo of father and daughter spending time together.

2. Paddle Boarding Adventure


As Crispy Green prides itself as an Active Family’s Best Friend, our E-Commerce Manager, Alejandro, reminisced about a memorable Father’s Day spent paddle boarding with his Dad Hector, who is also our Warehouse Support. He surprised his Dad with a day out on the water, where they rented paddle boards and spent the afternoon out on the water. It was an excellent way to connect with nature, be active, and share a new experience that they both can look back upon time and time again.


Alejandro & Hector

3. Trying Out a New Dinner Spot


Our Marketing Manager, Dionna, shared how she plans a Father’s Day dinner at a new and exciting restaurant for her father every year. Knowing that her Dad loves trying new restaurants in comparison to the typical chains like Applebee’s or Outback, she makes sure to make reservations at trendy and diverse dining spots to try with her Dad. There’s no better time spent than with the family over fresh and delicious food!


Family going out to eat at a restaurant outside.

4. A Beach Day


For her own family’s father’s day, Dionna, planned a delightful beach day where her husband and son spent quality time together in the sun. They enjoyed playing in the waves, building sandcastles, and collecting seashells, all while sharing laughter and creating cherished memories. Dionna’s thoughtful preparation, complete with a cozy beach setup and their favorite snacks, made it a day her family will always remember.


Dionna’s Husband & Son Enjoying The Beach

5. A Digital Photo Album Set to Music


Renee, our Media Relations Manager, shared that the most timeless gift she gave her grandfather for Father’s Day was a digital photo album. Her grandfather had immigrated to the U.S. from Sicily as a young boy in 1918, and she wanted him to see family photos he hadn’t seen in over 80 years. So, she collected 96 years’ worth of family photos and set them to the Beatles song “In My Life.” She turned the photo album into a time machine, replaying her grandfather’s life in two and a half minutes. It was a gift he enjoyed watching repeatedly.


Renee and her grandfather

6. Your Own Health, Happiness and Success


Sometimes, the best gift you can give your father is your health, happiness, and personal success. Our Marketing Assistant, Chase, shared how he and his sibling’s overall well-being and accomplishments have been a source of immense pride for their Dad. As his Dad had a more challenging upbringing, watching his children reach new life milestones and achieve their goals is the best gift he can receive as a father. Being the best you can be shows your Dad that his support and guidance have significantly impacted your life and reflect the values and lessons he has instilled in you, making him proud to be your father.


Chase and his family celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a beautiful time to honor the men who have shaped us. At Crispy Green, we cherish sentimental gifts that create lasting memories. Whether it’s a new adventure, a heartfelt drawing, or celebrating personal success, the best gifts come from the heart.

But let’s not limit our appreciation to just one day. Celebrate your Dad every day with small acts of kindness and gratitude to show him how much he means to you all year round.

Happy Father’s Day from the Crispy Green family!

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