We all know that early mornings are not always our favorite. However, there can be many benefits to having a routine to powerfully start each day.  I want to share with you a few key advantages of why you should master your morning to serve you well in your day and if you can make it a habit, in your overall lifestyle.

Start early in the day

If you do some type of physical fitness early on, you are more likely to have less excuses for when things unexpectedly start to pop up later in the day (traffic, low energy, family, work, etc.). You get to release those endorphins early on, feel good for working on yourself, before you attend to everything else. You are more likely to have more energy for the rest of the day since you were able to master your morning as well as your confidence leaving out of the door is very high. If you are having trouble getting up early here are some tips on how to become a morning exerciser.

Don’t forget to fuel up first

Second, eat a healthy breakfast. I usually have a smoothie of some sort with oatmeal and some green tea. A balanced meal is important, as your body has been not getting any nutrients while you are asleep. Start your day off with healthy fuel.

Get inspired

I also recommend watching or listening a personal development video or audio for at least 5 minutes every day. Nourishing your body is important, but so is nourishing the mind. Feeding your mind with empowering and motivating words in the morning will also help you set an intention for your day. It will help you stay focused on what is important.  I recommend brief motivation videos on YouTube such as TED talks or Mateusz M. I also listen to podcasts from motivational speakers such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Lewis Howes.

State your goals

Another tip is to write down your goals every day on paper, as a recurring to-do in your digital calendar or other memos. These can be goals for your health and fitness, business, relationships or anything really. This will help you to keep in mind why you are doing everything you are doing in that day. It will also help you focus on the bigger picture vs. creating upset about little things that will come up throughout the day.

Just do it

If you master your morning, you will start to become more productive, more energized, and simply operate from a whole different space each day. The key is to start. Maybe it’s waking up 15 minutes earlier each day to make time for your routine and starting off with one thing. In a week, adding in another small step, and before you know it, this will become a part of your daily routine.


– By Blaine Strong, health and fitness coach, gym owner in Culver City, Calif. Visit him at http://www.blainestrongfitness.com

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