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If you’re busy running around with the little ones all day, we bet you’re always searching for snack ideas for toddlers that are both easy to eat and simple to prepare.  Toddlers are constantly growing and need healthy fuel to power through their day, whether it’s at home or at nursery school. Check out these healthy snack ideas for toddlers that they’ll gobble up in no time no matter where they are!

Fruit Smoothie

Blend low-fat milk, frozen strawberries and a banana with some ice cubes for 30 seconds for a delicious smoothie. For more delicious and healthy ideas to make fruit smoothies for toddlers, check out this post from Easy Healthy Smoothie.

Ants on a Log

This adorable classic is easy to prepare and pack in the lunchbox, making it one of our top snack ideas for toddlers. Simply use fresh cut celery sticks and top with a healthy serving of peanut butter on one side. Then, add small raisins on top of the peanut butter – what we call the “ants!” Kids love this delicious snack time treat!

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Frozen Banana

If you’re looking for snack ideas for toddlers that make for a great sweet treat, opt for frozen yogurt covered bananas. Simply dip half of a fresh banana in plain, low fat yogurt and place in the freeze for a few hours. Kids love this frozen treat… and it’s a lot healthier than giving them an ice cream cone!

Rocky Road

Break a graham cracker into bite-size pieces. Add to low-fat chocolate pudding along with a few miniature marshmallows.

Graham Crackers with Applesauce

All you need for our fourth choice for snack ideas for toddlers is most likely already in your kitchen at home! Pack some graham crackers with applesauce packets, and be sure to choose brands that are low in additives or artificial sugars.

Mini Pizza

Toast an English muffin, drizzle with pizza sauce and sprinkle with low-fat mozzarella cheese. Toss it back in a toaster oven or under the broiler for a few minutes if you want to melt the cheese.

Baby Carrots with Hummus Dip

Carrots are awesome snack ideas for toddlers, because they are rich in vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, and fiber, just to name a few key nutrients. And, when paired with hummus, it makes for a complete balanced snack since hummus has tons of healthy protein and essential vitamins and minerals for growing kids. You can even opt to serve celery sticks with hummus as well.

Granola Bars

Granola bars make for great snack ideas for toddlers because they are one of the most grab-and-go treats out there on the market today. There are also tons of varieties that are sure to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.

Source: 25 Healthy Snacks for Kids

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