healthy late night snacksWe’ve all been there before…our stomachs are growling around midnight, and we end up munching on fattening snacks before heading back to bed. While it’s important not to eat huge portions around bedtime, you can still opt for healthy late night snacks that can hold you over until breakfast. Read on for our list of healthy evening snacks that will satisfy your cravings without making you too full to get a restful night’s sleep!

Greek Yogurt and Crunchy Toppers

Greek yogurt is an excellent healthy late-night snack because it contains about twice the protein and half the carbs as traditional plain yogurt. We love to add some flavor and crunch to our Greek yogurt by topping it off with some Crispy Pineapples. You could also add some granola or a tablespoon of chocolate chips.

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Guacamole with Raw Veggies

Looking for healthy midnight snacks that will help you get in your daily dose of veggies? Dip baby carrots and celery sticks in fresh guacamole for a snack that will fill you up with healthy fats and will satisfy you until your morning alarm rings.

Whole Grain Cereal

To stay fueled through the night, you’ll want to choose healthy evening snacks that have lots of fiber. Enjoy one serving of your favorite whole grain cereal with a splash of fat-free milk or soy milk to add some fiber in your diet, which will help you avoid sugar-laden snacks during the day. Just make sure the cereal you choose doesn’t have much added sugar to keep you wired all night!

Bananas with Peanut Butter

This dynamic snack duo is sure to ward off any sugary cravings that come your way in the wee hours of the night! Bananas have tons of potassium and peanut butter is chock-full of protein and other healthy fats, making this pair one of our favorite healthy night snacks for both adults and kids alike.

Try a Portion-Controlled Bar

Prepare ahead for chocolate cravings by stocking up on portion-controlled bars, like NightFood’s Cookies & Dreams or Midnight Chocolate Crunch. They’ll satisfy your sweets cravings so you can sleep soundly knowing you’ve put the “snack monster” to bed.

Whole Grain Pretzels

If you find yourself craving salty potato chips before bed, opt for healthy midnight snacks such as whole grain pretzels instead. Choose ones with little to no added salt, which will prevent you from going to bed feeling too full and bloated. Your belly will definitely thank you later!

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